Buenos Aires

Better Family Healthcare Access

Buenos Aires created equitable access to healthcare by providing a health team to every resident and availability to primary care centers were within a 15-minute commute. The City also improved early childhood health outcomes and a reduction of infant mortality through multiple pediatric visits by a child’s first birthday.

Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta set a principled goal that everyone in the City of Buenos Aires should live in close proximity to a primary healthcare provider, and that all children have regular doctor visits early in life. To achieve these, it was first necessary to establish the location of these health assets and measure the impact of their redistribution when it comes to the long-term health of residents. Buenos Aires already had access to the relevant data when GovEx first began its work, but needed help building a data system to be strategically used by internal stakeholders for decision making and external stakeholders for improved access. Buenos Aires also experienced significant silos and disconnections between open data, performance management, and planning efforts across the city.

With the support of GovEx roles and responsibilities of staff have been clarified, resolving the problem of silos between the city’s data, performance, and planning. We highlighted additional areas that needed modification given Buenos Aires’s plans to rely more heavily on data and analytics in meeting its commitment, such as the establishment of a centralized office to oversee analytics work. We helped them identify and leverage health data to target resources and decision-making, and infuse data and analysis in their performance management efforts.

The Mayor also hosted convenings to measure progress on all operational health interventions, as well as outcomes related to maternal health, infant mortality, overuse of emergency departments, and several other essential health indicators. Buenos Aires centralized its data collection to power a robust dashboard.

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