Center for Applied Public Research

Around the globe, researchers are making discoveries and developing technologies with the potential to improve the public’s health and well-being. But all too often, there is a disconnect between that research and its application in the public sphere. Civic Impact’s Center for Applied Public Research aims to bridge that gap by supporting governments and nonprofits in using research findings and methods to improve their own policies and programs.

What We Do

In an age where ever tightening public budgets must meet more rapid calls for delivery with less room for error, evidence-informed decisions are critical. The Center for Applied Public Research bridges the gap between research and reality by developing plain-spoken, action-oriented materials and building meaningful peer connections among government staff, nonprofit professionals, and academics.

How We Do It

We believe we work smarter when we work together. Through our Communities of Practice, the Center actively connects the staff of governments, nonprofits, and academic institutions who are all working on the same policy area. We also team up with these professionals to co-develop resources, identify and address policy and delivery challenges, and test new approaches.

The Center for Applied Public Research also takes the mystery out of creating evidence-informed policy by giving you actionable advice in clear language and putting people at the center. By bringing together people with different backgrounds and experiences to focus on a common problem, we get results.

Who We Are

Our Center is more than just our staff of researchers and prior government practitioners. We are a broad community of policy experts, program providers, and thought leaders across an ever widening number of topics, including education and workforce, economic mobility, and food insecurity.

Contact Us

Phone: 410-516-4152