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Beth Blauer

Beth Blauer is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Centers for Civic Impact at Johns Hopkins University (Civic Impact). As a dedicated public servant and international expert on government performance programs for more than  fifteen years, Beth Blauer spent her career working to improve people’s lives by bringing data into governments’ decision-making processes. 

Blauer founded Civic Impact, originally as the Center for Government Excellence, in 2015 and since then, has successfully worked with over 140 mayors from around the globe to advance the use of data and evidence. She has built the organization to be a leader in data-driven insights for city leaders and public sector practitioners across the country and around the world.

Prior to leading the Centers for Civic Impact, Blauer designed and launched Socrata’s GovStat platform for federal, state, and local governments. 

Having entered public service as a juvenile probation officer in Maryland, Blauer was quickly promoted within the department, quickly becoming the Chief of Staff. It was in this capacity she began working on the creation and implementation of “StateStat.” In 2008, then Governor Martin O’Malley asked Blauer to lead his nationally recognized StateStat program. 

Blauer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland and holds a JD from New York Law School. She is a recipient of the 2012 CAP award for her work on Maryland’s StateStat.

Angel Aliseda
Gabriel Alvaro
Economic Mobility Program Coordinator
Jessica Arends
Instructional Designer
Kati Asbury
Lead Developer
Michael Benison
Course Manager
Sara Bertran de Lis
Data Scientist
Courtney Bettle
Senior Advisor, Economic Mobility
Heather Bree
Data Visualization and D3 Developer
Mary Colleen Buettner
Senior Advisor
Meg Burke
Community Manager
Sarah Buzogany
Senior Advisor
Marlene Caceres
Quantitative Analyst
Madelyn Carlson
Program Associate
Liz Carney
Data Manager
Chance Carter
Amanda Daflos
Executive Director
Tiffany Davis
Deputy Director, Center for Government Excellence
Rudy de Leon Dinglas
Senior Advisor
Bridget Dean
Knowledge Management Associate
Tim Dodd
Zach Earl
Full Stack Programmer
Trevor Ebert
Administrative Coordinator
Jane Ebot-Bish
Senior Advisor
Lauren Elliott
Marketing Associate
Akeish Forsythe
Curriculum Developer
Russ Frith
Quantitative Analyst
Dane Galloway
Jacquie Greiff
Monitoring and Evaluation Associate
Jen Horton
Senior Advisor
Danielle Holland
Content Manager
Amber Ivey
Director, Center for Government Excellence
Makea King
Knowledge Management Associate
Adam Lee
Data Visualization Analyst
Promise Maswanganye
Administrative Specialist
Katie Medina
Monitoring and Evaluation Associate
Miriam McKinney Gray
Data Analyst
Amy Miller
Ben Miller
Technology Officer
Dillon Moore
Front End Developer
Jarrett Nguyen
Bloomberg Cities Hub Program Coordinator
Andrew Nicklin
Futurist At Large
Stephen O'Connor
Multimedia Production Associate
Sharon Paley
Managing Director, Centers for Civic Impact
Nikola Pavelić
Senior Advisor
Ken Perkins
Budget Specialist
Josh Porterfield
Technical Writer (CRC/PDI)
Moses Pounds
Knowledge Officer
Megan Prior
Financial Manager
Corey Rhoades
What Works Cities Program Coordinator
Rose Rodriguez
Senior Advisor
Emily Shaw
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Jeremy Sierra
Senior Writer
Galina Stolarsky
Project Manager
Lisa Twiss
Curriculum and Instructional Developer
Mary Conway Vaughan
Lead Program Coordinator

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